The Scooter Diaries September 24, 2014

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2012-11-22 10.17.28

A few reflections on Pride 48 Las Vegas and an update of what’s been going on.

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  1. laffingbuddha
    25/09/2014 at 4:47 pm Permalink

    … toe-tapping to Praise You…

    I’m really behind on your shows. You’ve probably mentioned this in a previous episode (I will get to them all eventually!), what app are you using to record on the go?

  2. laffingbuddha
    26/09/2014 at 4:51 pm Permalink

    It is called Voice Record Pro and was free on iTunes. I like it because it can convert the file into MP3 right in the app and upload it to Google Drive. It also has other sophisticated features and that last episode was recorded with earbud micro hoist.