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Bad news galore. Listen to me as I become Debbie Downer, don’t forget your Prozac everyone.

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  1. laffingbuddha
    karhy bacon
    28/01/2014 at 2:25 pm Permalink

    When I didn’t get my next job in my career ladder I shumrugged my shoulders. And then got harassed for four and a half months by the person they have the job. I focused on what they did to me – for way too long. I now no longer let them be a reflection of me. From 4/2009 – 8/2012 I worked 1900 hours of overtime cleaning IP the general ledger section while the previous person in that position tanked the accounts receivable section along with his life and his marriage as he spent three years in a drunken stupor and three trips to inpatient treatment. I feel only pity for these people. So! When the person trhhy selected realized she met her natch and eldexided to hightail it out of town – she put on paper I was a disgruntled employee who was mad that I didn’t get the job. That made me feel good because it just reinforced that I dont belong at the top with these people. One. It demonstrated these people told her o applied for the job. Because I sure didn’t and two she did not last. She stole time and I turned her in. I told her to her face what I thought of her and the things she was doing. Shes a weasle and a coward. And now I look back and I can laugh. A government position based on a blood test – indian preference. No prestige in that. Yet their inflated egos keep them afloat while my work and dedication keeps me afloat. I will take me on my worse day than any of these people on their best. Dont know what became of that woman but I know I pity her because she has to live with herself.

    Like me … I’m sure you were the best person for the job. March 21 will come on a year that horrible woman left here and they still haven’t filled the job.

    The person who selected her did so on a Sunday. The day after she retired. If I was a horrible person I could gloat about her not workong out. But I’m not.

    Onward but not upward and I’m okay with that because I never want to be associated with those people.

  2. laffingbuddha
    28/01/2014 at 2:31 pm Permalink

    Thanks for sharing this Kathy, I like your advice about onward but not upward. I will take it to heart.