So? Has it been cold enough for ya?

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So, has it been cold enough for you?

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  1. laffingbuddha
    21/01/2009 at 11:22 pm Permalink

    yo. I hope you recognize the email address, but in any case, this is my fan mail for the Scooter Diaries. I appreciate the varied music, and if you think you listen to enough stuff, then I’d certainly would appreciate more and different tuneage. So far, I’ve listened to three ‘casts, including this one, and the holiday greetings ep.

    On the other hand, I note there is little “diary” so far, no observations on life, no snazzy little cafes or new dance clubs. I was very interested in your comments regarding the Republican convention, ferinstance.

    I hate to think that I am demanding you fit some preconceived notion of a format because my small and pointed mind can’t understand things that don’t fit into a box. I prefer to think that I want to hear more about you and your views of your life. Thanks!