The Scooter Diaries Podcast Show #2

» 18 August 2008 » In general, Podcast »

scooter_diaries_0002 Here is the latest show where I rant about unwanted phonebooks and some reflections on the upcoming Republican National Convention.

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  1. laffingbuddha
    18/08/2008 at 11:47 am Permalink

    Tell it like it is, Brother Buddha! I hates them phone books.

  2. laffingbuddha
    23/08/2008 at 11:10 am Permalink

    Phone books are an essential part of my daily workout regime. I tear them in half, circus freak-style. Great for the triceps. Also, starving artists can use them to start fires in their rickety flats, La Boheme-style!

    And without phone books, we couldn’t use the phrase, “he could read a phone book and make it sound interesting” to describe talented actors.

    “He could read the Internet and make it sound interesting” just doesn’t sound as impressive.

    For these reasons and many more, viva los libros de telefonos!